How to edit the Bibliography?


Does anyone know how to edit already exciting entries in the Bibliography?

Sat, 2007-05-19 12:01 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Submitted by vblago on

To edit a bibliography record you have to click on the title of the publication, while viewing the list of references. That will take you to the page of this particular reference (node). If you logged in you shall see three tabs on the top: View, Edit, and Clone. The second tab takes you straght to edit form.

The problem is when there is no title (these records mainly are fron the old Laffoon's cardfile and did not have any title, and I did not see the actual publication). The only way to edit those is through Content page ( Go to Administer > Content Management > Content, where all nodes will be listed in reverse chronological order. The newest publications are listed under "recent posts" menu item. Find the post you'd like to edit and click the link 'edit' to the right of the title.

If you like to post a new bibliography record, follow, Create Content > Biblio.

Hope it helps

Submitted by br on

Hi Jorge,

Many thanks for your request.

Well, if you want to cite the entire FGO site something like this:

Fungus Gnats Online (2017) / Fungus Gnats Online (2017). last accessed on Sun, 02 Apr 2017.

For citing only a particular page, I just added the "cite button" in the header at the top of each page, which allows to cite individually...

Hope this helps....


so long,


Submitted by JMederos on

Thanks Björn!

Finally I quoted the website of FGO in this way:

Fungus Gnats Online (FGO), 2017. Fungus Gnats Online. Online at: Last accessed: 02 Apr 2017.



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