Habitus of Baeopterogyna mihalyii

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Imaging technique: 
Preparation technique: 
Alcohol specimen

<p><strong></strong>Baeopterogyna mihalyii.<strong> </strong>a, female [IZBE0200014]; b, male [IZBE0200005]; c, female
wing; d, female antenna; e, female thorax; f, female head (last palpal segments
absent). Scale = 1 mm (a, b, c), 0.2 mm (d, e, f). </p><p>

anepm = anepimeron; anepst = anepisternum; aprnt
= antepronotum; htl = halter; ltg = laterotergite; mtepst = metepisternum; mtg
= mediotergite; proepst = proepisternum; preepst = preepisternum; sc = scutum.

Imaging kewords: 
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