On the identification of Palaearctic species in the genus Cordyla Meigen (Diptera, Mycetophilidae); preliminary results

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:Kurina, O.
Journal:Norwegian Journal of Entomology
Accession Number:VB
Keywords:Animalia-; Cordyla- (Diptera-): male-; Diptera-: Animals-, Arthropoda-, Arthropods-, Insecta-, Insects-, Invertebrata-, Invertebrates-; genitalia-: reproductive-system; palpus-; coloration-; morphological-differences; morphology-, Morphology-; Systematics-and-Taxonomy; [75314-] Diptera-

The morphology of male specimens of 14 Palaearctic Cordyla species is studied. The species can be arranged according to the colour of the swollen segment of palpus, the number of flagellar segments and the structure of male genitalia. On the basis of the colour of the swollen segment of palpi the species can be divided into two groups, the number of flagellar segments into four groups, and the structure of the genitalia into three groups. Morphological differences between the groups are discussed with an emphasise on genital differences.

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