Notes on fungus gnats from the Lemmenlaakso area in southern Finland, including six species new to the Finnish list (Diptera: Sciaroidea excl. Sciaridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Kurina, O.
Keywords:Annotated-records-including-6-new-records; Nematocera- : Diptera-, Insecta-, Lemmenlaakso-area, Sciaroidea- ( Nematocera- ) : Finland-

Data on 61 fungus gnats species collected from the Lemmenlaakso area in Jarvenpaa (N: 6709:398), are presented. Five species: Impleta consorta Plassmann, 1978, Anatella gibba Winnertz, 1863, Exechiopsis clypeata (Lundstrom, 1911), Micetophila pseudoforcipata A. Zaitzev, 1998, M. sublunata A.Zaitzev, 1998 and Phronia coritanica Chandler, 1992 are reported from Finland for the first time. The second Fennoscandian record of I. consorta is reported.

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