New species and new records of Manota Williston (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) from the Oriental region

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Hippa, H.
Accession Number:WOS:000253814800001

The following 19 new species are described: Manota aconcinna (Thailand), M. ancylochaeta (Thailand and Malaysia), M. auriculata (Thailand), M. clavulosa (Thailand), M. collina (Thailand), M. confixa (Malaysia), M. crinita (Malaysia), M. cristata (Thailand), M. fimbriata (Malaysia), M. index (Malaysia), M. inflata (Thailand), M. juncta (Malaysia), M. oblonga (Thailand), M. parvistylata (Malaysia), M. pellii (Thailand), M. perlobata (Thailand and Burma), M. planilobata (Thailand), M. subdentata (Malaysia), and M. submirifica (Thailand). New records are given for the following species: M. acutangula Hippa (Thailand), M. cerciflex Hippa (Malaysia), M. curvata Hippa (Malaysia), M. globigera Hippa (Thailand), M. heptacantha Hippa (Malaysia), M. ferrata Hippa (Malaysia), M. oligochaeta Hippa (Thailand), M. ovata Hippa (Thailand), M. pappi Hippa (Malaysia), M. pectinata Hippa (Thailand), M. perpusilla Hippa (Thailand), M. pollex Hippa (Malaysia), M. plusiochaeta Hippa (Malaysia), M. procera Hippa (Sarawak), M. roslii Hippa (Thailand, Malaysia), and M. simplex Hippa (Thailand).

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