Diptera associated with fungi in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Ševčík, J.
Journal:Casopis Slezskeho Zemskeho Muzea Serie A Vedy Prirodni
Accession Number:ZOOREC:ZOOR14304023329

This work summarizes data on 188 species of Diptera belonging to 26 families reared by the author from 189 species of macrofungi and myxomycetes collected in the Czech and Slovak Republics in the years 1998- 2006. Most species recorded belong to the family Mycetophilidae (84 species), followed by the families Phoridae (16 spp.), Drosophilidae (12 spp.), Cecidomyiidae (II spp.), Bolitophilidae (9 spp.), Muscidae (8 spp.) and Platypezidae (8 spp.). The other families were represented by less than 5 species. For each species a list of hitherto known fungus hosts in the Czech and Slovak Republic is given, including the previous literature records. A systematic list of host fungi with associated insect species is also provided. A new species of Phoridae, Megaselia sevciki Disney sp. n., reared from the fungus Bovista pusi/la, is described. First record of host fungus is given for Discobola parvispinula (Alexander, 1947), Mycetophilidae morosa Winnertz, 1863 and Trichonta icenica Edwards, 1925. Two species of Mycetophilidae, Mycetophila estonica Kurina, 1992 and Exechia hoidstroemi Landrock, 1923, are for the first time recorded from the Czech Republic and two species. Allodia (B.) czernyi (Landrock, 1912) and Exechia repanda Johannsen, 1912, from Slovakia. Comments are also made on larval parasitoids reared from Mycetophilidae and Phoridae.

URL:http://www.online-keys.net/sciaroidea/add01/Sevcik_2006 _Diptera_reared_from_fungi.pdf
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