Palaeognoriste sciariforme†


Male. Measurements, mm: Length total 3.8; wing 2.5; antenna 0.75; labellum 0.95; palpus 0.5.

Head rounded, dichoptic, posteriorly with a row of short (40 μm) postoccipital bristles. Ommatidia round, equal in size. Interommatidial setae shorter than ommatidial diameter. Three ocelli, laterals 2x diameter of median, touching eye margin. Clypeus triangular, pointed. Palpus one-segmented, ~ 1/2 length of labellum, with a dorsal row of setae. Antenna 2+14 segmented. Flagellomeres slightly longer than wide.

Thorax: Scutum uniformly setose, with supraalar setae longer than others. Scutellum with four longer subapical marginal setae and irregularly positioned shorter hairs. Antepronotum with three setae. Proepisternum with five setae. Suture between anepisternum and katepisternum distinct. Anepimeron separated from katepisternum with indistinct ridge. Pleural pit distinct, cut into a dorsoventral corner of katepisternum. Laterotergite produced strongly lateroventrally, with a row of seven long setae. Metepisternum trapezoidal, with stronger sclerotized anterior margin, separated from metepimeron with a strong ridge. Mediotergite evenly curved.

Legs: Metacoxa without basolateral depression. Tibial spurs 1:2:2, length 0.1: (0.25, 0.1): (0.35, 0.19), outer spur shorter. Tibial and tarsal vestiture in rows. Protibia without tibial organ. Mesotibia with a dorsal row of 7-8 dark setae on apical half, and a dense apical brush of 17-20 dark setae. Mid tarsus with a row of a few dark setae. Metatibia apically and hind basitarsomere entirely swollen. Hind tarsomeres 1–3 with strong dark ventral setae. Claws of fore and mid legs blunt, of hind leg pointed.

Wing: Costa extending 3/5 of distance between tips of R5 and M1. Sc joining C. Rs and r-m weakened, but distinct. M stem and base of M1+M2 fork inconspicuous. M3+4 base much weakened, M3+4 and CuA without common stem. Distance between apices of R5, M1, M2, M3+4 and CuA: 2.4: 1.5: 1.2: 1.8: 1.0. M1 slightly arched, M2 curved backwards apically. R1 setose, Sc, R5, M, CuA bare. Wing membrane without macrotrichia.

Abdomen: Tergite 9 broadly curved posteriorly, with numerous short dark spines directed posteriorly and longer light setae directed ventrally at apex. Gonostyli narrow, flattened, 4x longer than wide, each with two stout apical teeth and long dorsal mesial setae. Gonocoxite (Fig. 4) in lateral view with an obtuse angle on dorsal edge, a setae near the angle and two long setae near the base on gonostylus; covered with long setae ventrally.

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