Diagnostic description: 

Wing membrane without macrotrichia, R1 short, crossvein r-m fused with base of M3+4, fork of M3+4 and CuA not sessile; preapical palpomere attached at the tip of antepreapical, inner mid and hind tibial spurs longer than outer ones.


Lebanognoriste together with Archaeognoriste form the most basal group of Lygistorrhinidae. Synapomorphies such as rather long fore coxae; short vein R1; short, transverse RS1 section; reduced base of the M1 and M2 fork; and crossvein r-m shifted proximally and aligned to M2+tb fused vein, which is oblique or longitudinal and shifted proximally, undoubtedly ally these two genera with the lygistorrhinids. Both genera lack autapomorphies, and comparison to recent representatives of the family indicates various plesiomorphies.

Sun, 2010-10-31 19:03 -- vblago
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