Leptognoriste microstoma†

Diagnostic description: 

Mouthparts reduced. R1 shorter than r-m. M2 weak at apex. Base of M3+4 and CuA fork beyond the level of RS base. Male 8th tergite wider than long, rounded.


Head: Occiput with long setae. Pedicel slightly wider then scape and flagellum, flagellomeres barrel-shaped, as long as wide. Palpi 4-segmented, palpomere length ratio 1:2:2:3.5.
Thorax: Scutum with long lateral, acrostichal, and dorsocentral setae and short setae between rows. Proepimeron touches katepisternum below the episternal suture. Anepisternum width about equal to height. Laterotergites with long setae. Mediotergite with several long setae ventrally. Mesepisternum with long anterodorsal process, touching anepisternum.
Wing length 1.5x the abdomen length. R1 slightly shorter than r-m. Macrotrichia in basal part of wing absent. M2 weak at apex. Base of M314 and CuA fork beyond the level of RS base.
Legs: Fore coxae with dense long anterior setae, mid and hind ones with apical. Hind tibiae without dorsal bristles, only slightly longer than femora.
Abdomen. Tergite 9 wider than long, rounded on apex. Sternite I bare. Gonostyli curved at apex.


Body length = 1.33 mm; wing length = 1.24 mm. 

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