Protognoriste amplicauda†

Diagnostic description: 

R1 length 3x that of r-m. Gonocoxite massive. Gonostyli straight, flattened dorsoventrally.


Head: Eyes setulose, setae very short. Ocelli three, equal, almost in straight line, distance of lateral ocellus from eye margin equal to distance from mid ocellus to lateral one. Vertex and frons setose. Scape very small. Pedicel spherical, obscure. Flagellum 14-segmented, flagellomeres cylindrical, lengths about equal to widths, setose. Palpi short, 3-segmented, apical segment rounded, penultimate cylindrical, length 2x the width. Face wide, quadrate.
Thorax: Scutum with lateral, dorsocentral and acrostichal setae. Scutellum with several long setae. Mediotergite with short trichia. Metepisternum with anterodorsal cleft, height about equal to width.
Wing membrane without macrotrichia. Costa ends beyond tip of R5, at 1/6 the length between tips of R5 and M1. Sc short, ends free at the level of RS base. Humeral cross-vein transverse. R1 short, about 0.4x wing length. R5 about 0.8x wing length, almost straight. RS base very short, transverse. Crossvein r-m horizontal, meets M3+4 and CuA stem, its length 3x less than R1 length. M1 almost straight, weakened at base. M2 and M stem absent. Base of M3+4 and CuA fork between levels of RS base and R1 tip. CuA and M3+4 curved caudally.
Legs: Coxae almost equal in length, hind coxae bare. Tibial setulae in distinct rows. Tibiae, especially fore, short. Tarsal claw with small obtuse tooth.
Abdomen as long as wing, with 8 segments, setose. Eighth segment short, retracted. Gonocoxite massive. Gonostyli straight, flattened dorsoventrally.


Body length = 1.25 mm; wing length = 1.11 mm.

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