Fungus gnats in the Botanical garden Jean Massart on the outskirts of Brussels: 52 new country records and a pictorial atlas of the genera (Diptera: Sciaroidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Kurina, O., Grootaert P.
Journal:Belgian Journal of Entomology
Start Page:1
Date Published:12/2016
Keywords:Belgium, Europe, Faunistics, Sciaroidea, species diversity

The species diversity of five fungus gnats’ families (Diptera: Sciaroidea: Diadocidiidae,
Ditomyiidae, Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Mycetophilidae) are studied, based on material
collected in the botanical garden Jean Massart on Brussels outskirts (Auderghem). The
collecting was carried out by two Townes type Malaise traps during one year from May 2015
to May 2016. Altogether 2,270 specimens were collected belonging to 148 species. Fifty-two
species and five genera were recorded from Belgium for the first time. The general
distribution and systematics of these new species have been briefly discussed. A list of the
species including complete account of collected material, is provided. Fungus gnats were
observed to be active all year around with more species diverse periods in May-June and
October. A considerably large and remarkably coloured species, Greenomyia mongolica, is
discussed to have a possibly invasive character of distribution in Europe. A set of photographs
illustrating representatives of all recorded 46 fungus gnats genera has been included.

Short Title:Fungus gnats from Belgium
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