A list of the holotype-specimens of Diptera described by Dr. M. Sasakawa and co-workers, and deposited in the Osaka Museum of Natural History

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Matsumoto, R., Sasakawa M.
Journal:Bulletin of the Osaka Museum of Natural History
Keywords:Diptera, holotypes, Kyoto Prefectual University, Osaka Museum of Natural History, Sasakawa

The Mitsuhiro Sasakawa collection, containing about 20,000 specimens of Diptera, was transfened from the Kyoto Prefectual University to the Osaka Museum of Natural History. Of these specimens, the holotypes of 188 species and subspecies, belonging to 16 families and 63 genera, described by Dr. Sasakawa and his co-workers in 1951-2005 are listed.

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