Neue Trauermücken-Arten aus Bayern und eine erweiterte Bestandsaufnahme der aus Bayern bekannten Arten (Diptera: Sciaridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Rudzinski, H.-G.
Type of Article:article
Keywords:Bavaria, Bradysia, Bradysia ponticula, checklist, Corynoptera blandaformis, Corynoptera commoda, Corynoptera faculta, Corynoptera warnckei, Cratyna (Diversicratyna) fastigata, Diptera, Germany, new species, Sciaridae

Six new species of the family Sciaridae are described from Bavaria: Bradysia ponticula
sp. nov., Cratyna (Diversicratyna) fastigata sp. nov., Corynoptera blandaformis sp. nov.,
Corynoptera commoda sp. nov., Corynoptera faculta sp. nov. and Corynoptera warnckei
sp. nov. Illustrations of the most important morphological characters and a discussion of
the systematic position is given for each species. A revised check-list for the Sciarid fauna
of Bavaria is compiled which reflects the current state of knowledge.

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